Great Fast weekends - Verses of the Cymbals


I'm confused with the structure of the verses of the cymbals during the weekends of the Great Fast.

In it says that the 3 parts for the Great Fast should be after the 2 shere ne maria and that the conclusion is Ethrenhos only.

While in Coptic Reader it's:
- Intro Adam/Watos
- 3 parts for the Great Fast
- 2 Shere ne Maria, then the usual
- Conclusion: Hiten, Ethrenhos

Is the structure from Coptic Reader the correct one?



  • They should be chanted after the appropriate introduction and before the verses for the saints
  • I agree with minamakar....but Shere ne Maria is mostly considered part of the intro rather than being part of the saints. I don't have all my books out to check, but i'll share what i find later. 
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