Philo - Origin of Coptic Music

It is often said that Philo of Alexandria wrote that the first Egyptian Christians used the ancient Egyptian tunes however I have never encountered a citation. Does anyone have a direct citation to Philo’s writings regarding this?


  • i have asked the internet and not found anything.
    i spend a pleasant hour reading ancient philosophy and Christian history, but i would be surprised if philo of alexandria (jewish philosopher who died around 50AD) had much contact with Christians, as they had only been around for a few years by then. he was a very rich man, who preferred to spend his time thinking and only hung out with the more mainstream religious jews when he needed to speak up to stop their harsh treatment by the roman authorities.

    i suggest you ask someone clever like ophadece, who know lots about the coptic language, or the other experts like remnkemi, daniel kyrillos and the minas
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