What is the church teaching on homosexuality ?


  • please speak to your confession father about it 
  • The following in addition to the first suggestion:

    Homosexuality is categorized as of the manifestations of the passion of fornication and therefore can cause sin if it is not removed along with the other passions by means of asceticism.

    Long answer here: 

  • please speak to your confession father about it.
    the general advice about looking after your spiritual life (fasting, praying and showing mercy) is also very good.
  • Hello Esme,

    Good news!  There is no question on the issue.  Homosexual activities are without reservation rejected by the Church as immoral, unlawful, and absolutely against God's plan for His creation.  There is not a single father of confession in the world who would disagree with this.  It is of course profitable to better understand issues by asking our spiritual father about them.  At the same time, we should also indicate that there is no variability in praxis in condemning homosexual activities for the Universal Church of Christ (the Oriental Orthodox Church).

    God bless you,
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