Downloading on IOS

Hi everyone, it's been a long time away for me but I've always been using the website. I only have iphone and ipad as my devices now and can't figure out how to download the hymn recordings anymore. Can someone help?

Will always miss android and windows PC -__-

God bless.

Secondary question, do the forums no longer have a search feature? I cannot find it in mobile or desktop view.


  • welcome back!

    if you sell the iphone and buy a cheap second hand non-smart telephone, you will not only have left over money for a laptop, but you will save money on the monthly subscription (you will need no data allowance) and you will be able to use the website better!

    (only half joking...)

    i used to have an old apple macbook and it was really difficult using this site on it. now i have a new, very basic lenovo (cheaper than a second hand ipad) and it works brilliantly.
    the trouble is, people sell electronic devices to make money and they don't care how (in)compatible they are. 
    so, just in case the proper computer geeks are too busy in real life to reply to your question, i can tell you how to do it on the cheap laptop you are about to buy (in my imagination!)

    1. go to the album of the audio file
    2. click on the down arrow icon next to the page icon (if there isn't one, it probably means you are not signed in).
    3. this takes you to a page where the mp3 file is. click the 3 vertical dots on the right and it should open a short menu including 'download'.
    4. click this and then open the folder (not the file) after it has downloaded - then you can see where your computer has put it.
    5. move it to where you want and rename it if you like.
    6. switch off the internet (to save energy / data / you getting distracted) and listen while peeling your potatoes or cleaning the house. don't listen if cycling, driving or trying to study!
    (health warning!) ;)
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