Nayrouz - Conclusion of the verses of the cymbals


During Nayrouz, should we conclude the verses of the cymbals with “isous pekhristos ensaf” or “hiten”?

I'm asking because I have 2 live recordings from Ibrahim Ayad, in one he says “isous pekhristos ensaf”, in the other he says "hiten".

Also I heard from a senior deacon that "isous pekhristos ensaf" should be said on Lordly feasts only, but in Coptic Reader it's written that we should say it.



  • Hello,

    It really just depends on the source. In Deacon Albairs "Khedmet Shamas" he says that you should end with Eesos Pekhrestos but some sources state that Eesos Pekhrestos should only be used for the Lordly Feasts. So again it just depends on the source.
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