Can I pray for God to take me!

A disease has been an issue for a while now; my condition is complicated enough that even doctors cannot tell what is wrong with me; it is a very unusual disease. I cannot go to church, which is part of my life, and hard to work with people,

so the question to fathers of the church is, is it ok to pray to God to take my soul sooner than later? It has been hard to live, stressful, and very hard to get support. 
I know we pray, "O Lord, according to Your wish, not our wish.
need fatherly advice, please,

thank you
In Christ 


  • we can ask God for anything. it is for Him to decide what is the right thing to give us, He doesn't mind if we ask for the wrong thing sometimes (we don't always know what is the right thing to ask for).
    i am also sending a personal message as i don't want to ask anything personal on the forum.
    may God guide you and lead you on His path.
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