Tune of the annual Gregorian reconciliation prayer


What's the tune of the Kyrie Eleison of an annual Gregorian reconciliation prayer?

I listened to all the gregorian Liturgies on Tasbeha.org but the tune is not consistant, some do the festive, some do like the Basilian reconciliation prayer, some do a regular Basilian Kyrie Eleison.



  • The thing is, that Anaphora is supposed to be prayed during feasts, in which case it is already the festive rite and the Lord have mercy is normally said in the festive tune.

    M Sadek here says the Lord have mercy in the oblations tune:

    That tune is actually just an elongated version of the festive long endings for the prayers. So i wonder if those 2 versions of Kerie Eleison were both festive at some point of time. 

    But, as I always say, just follow what abouna concludes with.
  • Thank you Minatasgeel :)

    In this example, neither Abouna nor the deacon end in a festive tune, yet the Lord have mercy is festive, so there's no one to follow :)

    Your comment about the long festive tune made me think of another question.
    What's the difference between the long festive from your link (I understand there's a shorter version as well more common) and this festive that we say 99% of the time:

    At first I thought one was Basilian and the other Gregorian, but in the link from Abouna Botros he says what we usually say in the Basilian in the Gregorian so my guess seems wrong.
  • Something to note as well, I've never heard the festive tune from HICS from your link (even the common short tune) in a Basilian festive Liturgy, always in a Gregorian Liturgy.
    In a Basilian festive Liturgy, I always heard the tune from Abouna Botros from my link.
  • - The different in the Kerie Eleison is that the one M Sadek says is not called "festive"...it's called for the Oblations because its said in response to the Oblations Litany in Raising of Incense. 

    - The one in the link you mentioned is not the festive Lord have mercy....that's the one that you normally say in St. Basil's liturgy in general. 

    - The St. Gregory Liturgy for HICS was not really recorded in the best way as other HICS sets that were recorded for St. Basil's liturgy. It's like they just had old recordings of M Mikhail, M Sadek and the old cantors and just brought them together to make up the set rather then actually recorded things with a chorus.
  • i tried to figure this out too a while ago but gave up!
    it seems like there are as many varieties as there are churches!
  • We just go and pray...
  • Understanding that it wasn't a festive tune but the Oblations tune made things clearer, thanks a lot.
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