Converting Coptic to real Coptic characters

Hey, with the plethora of Coptic keyboards esp on phones (SwiftKey, GBoard, ...), I'm wondering if it would make sense to start converting the Coptic lyrics of the hymns from English characters stylized to look like Coptic using fonts to actual [unicode] Coptic characters.
The benefit of this is that we can google the hymns.
It's a great library of Coptic scripts, which would help search engines and even AI dictionaries in understanding the structure of the Coptic language. It can't do that with english characters, but with coptic chars, we allow accurate searches on Google (along with its arabic and english translation!)

I'm a coder, maybe I can help writing a scripts that converts your text on the website to Coptic chars, so "nie;noc tyrou" becomes "Ⲛⲓⲉⲑⲛⲟⲥ Ⲧⲏⲣⲟⲩ" (also will be very easy to search)!



  • there is a lot of coptic on this website.
    the letters show in coptic once there is a coptic font installed in the computer you use to access the website.

    maybe i have missed something in your post, as i am not very technical.
  • :-)

    This has already been done. You are welcome to check our coptic don't page:
  • @minatasgeel I think he is asking to convert all the text on this site from latin unicode to coptic unicode
  • that's in the making as soon as we are done with our remaking of the fonts.
  • With 2022, Coptic text should be standardized using Unicode to help search and read Coptic across all devices with no special or non-standard fonts. I made some efforts to convert the New Testament written in Antonious triple fonts (-,-J,-OL) to Unicode. Many sites have rich corpus of Coptic, such as this one, and need to be converted. Some non-standard fonts (such as Antonious, Pishoy, ..etc), have different character mappings across sites, and this needs to be put into considerations. If a large Coptic community such as this not taking this task seriously, no one else will do.
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