On the daily liturgy

Here Pope Shenouda is saying something different than Pope Kyrillos 
imageHere is Pope Kyrillos on the daily lit


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  • This is a quote from Pope Shenouda from the book “On monastic life”

    How would a monk not lose the true value of Holy Communion even though he takes it daily?

    “Actually I do not feel comfortable when monks take holy communion daily because then it can turn into a habit. The monk loses readiness for communion. He may even approach communion even if he has an unresolved problem with another monk the previous day. Here communion just becomes a routine.“
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    And this is from a book of Pope Kyrillos

    The Daily Liturgy
    With this enlightened spirit, Pope Kyrollos VI recognized the importance of a daily liturgy. He insisted on praying the Divine Liturgy and receiving Holy Communion daily, regardless of any difficulties that may have arisen. He urged his spiritual sons in all monasteries, especially those in the Monastery of the great St. Samuel the Confessor, and the Monastery of the great St. Mina, to adhere to this practice. 
     Monastic history tells us that St. Apollo celebrated the Divine Liturgy daily, and he advised his pupils, the monks, not to tarry in the partaking of Holy Communion. He explained to them that the divine power of this mystery enables them to repulse the attacks of the enemy, the devil. 
    According to the biography of Pope Mattaeus, we read that he also celebrated the Divine Liturgy and received Holy Communion daily. This saint's strong virtues and many miracles were a great help to his people at a time when persecutions and torment were very severe.

    In order to participate daily in the Divine Liturgy and the Holy Communion, each monk should ensure that he is properly prepared so as not to lose the sanctity of these holy mysteries.

    The monk should ensure that he is ready, body and soul,
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    They are two differing opinions from two different men. If you read their works, you can see their differences in some things like this.

    I can definitely see Pope Shenounda's point of view. If you ever go to a Liturgy at a Monastery with a monk-priest, it's like you and me and making coffee and breakfast. It's just routine. You lose the value of it. It's done fast to get done. He was focusing on what could go wrong.

    Pope Kyrillos was focusing on the benefits of daily communication. He was focusing on the positive.

    Both were obviously Monks, and these comments are about monastics. It is probably from their experiences why they have a differing opinion.
  • well, here in the uk, we wait patiently and just about manage to get to liturgy once or twice a month, so i wouldn't worry about this too much!

    definitely, it should not be done too fast. not everyone can pray at 100 miles an hour, please don't race too far ahead!

    the liturgy is a beautiful tool that we can use to experience the love and forgiveness of God. like all tools, it needs to be used as it was intended to be. so it is good to remember this; i'll try to remember to look at this page again in a year or two when this 'problem' of going to church too much becomes a possibility.
  • well, i can now go to church 3 times a week when i am on annual leave, still don't think i am overdoing it...

    good to look at this page, though and remember never to ever take it for granted
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