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I've been using this site for a long time, particularly the lyrics library. I have a couple of side projects that would greatly benefit from having programmatic access to the lyrics library, but there isn't a web API for the database (even a private undocumented one). All rendering is done server-side (my guess is using PHP), which means the only way to get lyrics programmatically is to scrape the actual webpage (which is very slow and easily broken).

Are there any plans to make a public API? If the barrier is technical, I'd be more than happy to help set it up.

Thank you!


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    First, please DO NOT scrape the site. You know well that this makes it slower to anyone on the site as well. 

    Second, the text on the site is still being worked on. It is not final. Therefore, it's not really ideal to scrape the text once (not that you should) since it'll always  be outdated. 

    Third, you are welcome to connect me privately concerning any project that you are working on that utilizes the text. Many have simply taken the text and changed it as they see fit without even a reference that its source is The issue is not in utilizing the text, as it is free for all to benefit from, but it's taking the text and utilizing in a closed-source app or project that is then "protected" and not made as free as it's source.

    So bottom line is, contact me in pm, let me know what you are working on and how do you want to use the text here on Tasbeha.
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