Wrath of God

How do Copts understand this passage said in the coptic rite?
"Take away Your anger from us, visit us with Your salvation, and forgive us our sins."


  • Like we pray in the prayer after communion. “Make my will one with Your will” We are not asking that God stop having an emotional anger tantrum towards us and calm down. We are asking that, instead of being against His will, we turn to Him and Him to us. As James 4:8 says: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

    Bola, why are you asking this question? You are a scholar! You could answer such a question 10, 000 times better than me!

    Pray for me!
  • haha thanks for the answer Stephen. I was wondering how other lay people understood this to see if it is similar to my understanding.

  • It's acceptable to recognize that God has wrath and anger... as long as that doesn't bring the person to the extreme of thinking that we worship a god of fear, rather than of love.

    There are many biblical verses that do say that God has wrath and anger. God's displeasure is considered anger.  
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