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Please send epouro and maryn ooneh in romanised version.


  • wait wat? Epouro in roman and wats the second one? ???
  • I think its Marenouonh Evol, if I'm wrong please correct me.
  • is that the tasbeha one... u no after the second hoos?
  • I think that's what he means.... at least that's the closest hymn I know that sounds remotely close to what he said....
  • Yes, the hymn we say after the Second Hoos in tasbeha
  • in Roman?! why in the world would u need that? i can get it in coptic... any help?

    Epouro from knowledge not the site cuz i dunno how to put it on to this PLEASE CORRECT:

    +Epouro ente ti hirini moi nan entek hirini semni nan entek herini can enovi nan evol

    +Gor evol enegaji e ti ekeklesia arisovt eros enneskim sha eneh

    +Emanoeel penotee khen tenmeetee teenoo khen epo oo ente pefiot nem pi epnevmathowab

    + Entefesmo eron teeren entef toovo ennen heet entef tal etcho enni shoni ente nenspsichi nem nen soma

    + Tehoosht emmok o pi ekhristos nem pekyot en agathos nempiepneva ethowab je akee/af tonf aksoti emmon
  • Marenouwnh `ebol `mPi`,ryctoc Pennou] nem piero\'altyc Dauid pi`provytyc
    Je af;amio `nnivyou`i nem noudunamic afhicen] `mpikahi hijen nimwou
    Nai nis] `mvwctyr piry nem piioh af,au eu`erouwini qen pi`ctere`wma
    Af`ini `nhan;you `ebolqen nef`ahwr afnifi `nca ni`ssyn sa`ntouviri `ebol
    Afhwou `noumounhwou hijen `pho `m`pkahi sa`ntefrwt `e`pswi `ntef] `mpefoutah
    Af`ini `noumwou `ebolqen oupetra af`tco `mpeflaoc `n`hryi hi `psafe
    Af;amio `mpirwmi kata pef`ini nem tefhikwn e;ref`cmou `erof
    Marenhwc `erof ten[ici `mpefran tenouwnh naf `ebol je pefnai sop sa `eneh
    Hiten nieu,y `nte piiero\\\\\\\'altyc Dauid P¢ `ari`hmot nan `mpi,w `bol `nte nennobi

  • thank you sooo much for being nice and putting me in your ignor list!
  • hi i want make good relation with coptic friend
    my name is wesam
  • sandrahanna... if u think im ignorin u u r rong. Ur posts just dont have a point sometimes. Today... u posted y did Jesus have to be Jesus. Great post! I was gonna say somethin but it was already covered by LittleCopt1234 and someone else i think... im not ignorin u n im not mad...
  • i am not saying that you are mad but i am just angry because i was going to sent you a massege and it came out that the massege can't be sent because i am on the ignoring list!
  • well... i dunno wat an ignoring list is but if its from the admins... pleez take her off
  • Thanks to all by the help!
    Apologize, but I am Brazilian and my English is not very good.
    I thank to everybody.
    I am creating a site in Portuguese and would like for the letters of the hymns and musics in Roman letters for people other than they ca not read copta.
    Could they help with some site that owns the letters transliterated in western alphabet?


  • snadra hanna i was on nahda's ignore list for a while but i dont thinki am anymore there was a problem with the site i believe

  • So cool, I did not know that there were Coptic churches in Brazil! Way to go, God bless you in all your work, Ankhef!!

    Could they help with some site that owns the letters transliterated in western alphabet?

    You can find a lot on this site. Click on Media, then on Hymns, and then on Text Library. You will find a lot.
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