Movie suggestions for youth ?

Hi all,

Can you suggest any movies on YouTube or nextflix that are appropriate for a Christian orthodox youth.

I came across the one on St Paul. Is that one appropriate to show and are there any others that you might suggest ?

I appreciate you help


  • there are lots of saint movies on youtube. however it is even better for young ppl (and old ppl) to learn tasbeha (night praises), help ppl in the community and study the Bible. ppl also need to go for long walks in the country (warm waterproof clothes are a good idea in the winter) and look at the wildlife and realise how beautiful our planet is. if ppl still have spare time they should help clean up the neighbourhood (pick up litter) and encourage others to protect the environment.
  • Personally I would recommed of Captain Phillips, Here Comes the Boom, Concussion, and Angels and Demons, Mel Gibson's 'The Patriot" and King Kong. Also, you can't miss Jurassic Park and Jurassic World

    If you're going for faith-based stuff, they had a tv show called the Bible that was pretty ok. There's a good movie you should check out called Risen, about a Roman Soldier trying to find Jesus' body. 
  • Thank you guys for these awesome suggestions
  • PureFlix is like Netflix but it has Christian movies that are appropriate for all ages. Coptic Saints movies on youtube are really good, they are in arabic but most have subtitles if you are not very comfortable with arabic. 
    But, as @mabsoota mentioned, watching too many movies is not healthy, watching them in a moderate quantity would leave you some time to do more productive things. 
    God bless. 
  • Thank you, yea we are having a movie session and so we will only be showing one movie this time
  • "Seventh Seal" by Ingmar Bergman is a film with strong Christian themes, as the title itself implies. It is also a fantastic film, but might be a bit too old-fashioned for the kids (1957). 

    "Parasite" by Bong Joon-ho is beautiful and deals directly with the problems of wealth and poverty, and can be interpreted in a Christian way. 

    The important question is whether a film is good, i think. Art is meant to be interpreted, so any good film can be used as a starting point for a theological/Christian discussion. 
  • I would recommend "The Chosen", I loved the scene with the samaritain women. Here is the link to it on YouTube: 
    You can also watch all of the episodes of The Chosen for free on their app.
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