Fasting, Prayer Request


I am finding it hard to fast until the end of mass/service. Please pray for me and share any tips if you have any :)

Thank you & God Bless.


  • may God give you strength.
    often when we go through stress, our bodies try to comfort us with physical things.
    ask God to comfort you instead, be honest and pray and say 'God, this is really hard right now, please remind me of your love for me' and then focus on looking at a nice icon or take something to do with your hands during the service like preparing some drawings for kids to colour in when they are restless in church.

    make sure you don't have food or drink in your bag, if you need more than a little orban after liturgy, ask someone else to look after your sandwich for you till the end, and take an empty water bottle, so you can fill it from a tap or water fountain after the service.

    give yourself a break and don't fell too bad when you don't concentrate.
    keep trying as well as you can and don't be too hard on yourself.
    God is with you.
  • Thank you very much for that advice and the details in that message. Sure, I will continue to pray and try these steps. Yes, I have been taking a water bottle and snacks and I think that has not been helping. I will get my sister to help me with keeping food until the end of mass.

    Thank you again and God bless you.
    Remember me in your prayers and I will in mine
  • God with you, @senir! Praying for your endurance and patience
  • May God give you strength I will pray for you :-bd
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