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dear friends and visitors,
i have just finished reading an excellent short book, that i highly recommend to everyone who comes here. (scroll to the bottom if you don't like reading!)

it is easily the best book i read this millenium (other than the Bible and the church fathers).
it is 'Putting Joy into Practice' by Tasoni Phobe Farag Mikhail.

it is only 160 pages, but basically summarises orthodox teaching and presents it in a framework that easily fits developed countries but without making people from developing countries feel excluded.
it is really very talented and inspired.

it is a bit like 'the orthodox prayer life' by abouna matta el meskin, but made much shorter and more readable (for non academic people who are not monks).

the author is married to a priest and living in usa, but it is relevant to people all over the world becasue of her brilliant, inclusive style. It is a small book, so the best birthday present / anniversary present to give people.
it is also good for people who are not Christian but interested in Christianity.

just in case tasoni is a tasbeha lover who posts here (she has quoted quite of bit of the night praises so you never know), the only thing i would have added would be a tiny glossary (she uses the word 'theotokos' without explaining that is means the one who gives birth to God) and a short paragraph on how to find your nearest orthodox church, like looking on the internet, asking in the local library etc. (maybe you can add it in the second addition, tasoni).
the proof reading has been excellent, there is no embarrasing 'arabic english' and there is almost no church jargon at all, you can come right off the street with no religious background and feel welcomed right in to the book.

my friend's new edition of the homilies of saint macarius has still not been printed, so please buy this instead and read it while you are waiting (will update you here).
then give copies of it to your friends and your enemies.

in case you don't like reading (i am being inclusive too!)
you can watch an interview with the author here (with the lovely bishop suriel of australia, who i have actually met and spent almost 60 seconds with):

may God give you all the joy of the resurrection,
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