The three saint Abba Macarii


I've always wondered who were the "three saint Abba Macarii" mentioned in the Commemoration of the Saints.

In our Church we have an icon of a saint called "Abba Makari", the icon is exactly like this one but with a coptic style:

This saint is Abba Macarius the great.
So my guess is that "Macarii" could be a shortening for "Macarius" and therefore the 3 saint abba Macarri refers to 3 Abba Macarius, including maybe saint Abba Macarius the great.

Is my guess correct?
Would you have more info about the 3 Abba Macarii?



  • "During the liturgy, the priest mentions in the Commemoration of Saints 'the three Saints Abba Macarii' (plural for Macarius); they are St. Macarius the Great, St. Macarius of Alexandria and St. Macarius Bishop of Jerusalem. 

    St. Macarius the Great was called so because he was a 'father of monks' and to differentiate him from his contemporary, St. Macarius of Alexandria. Just as St. Antony started monasticism in the Eastern desert (east of the Nile), St. Macarius started it in the Western Desert, which is called Scetis, in the Valley of Nitria."

  • Very clear, thank you very much to both of you :)

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