Coptic Abbreviations

What is this abbreviation: ⳦ ?
I wanna say Par;enoc, but I'm not really sure; although i know that there is another abbreviation for Par;enoc, which is ¦. I've read resources that say this [⳦] is πρεσβύτερος.

And I've seen Vnou] be written as =v=] (=V=]), is that ok?


  • I have never used ⳦ but i did always say that it's par;enoc. Also, ¦ I believe is unique to the Avva Shenouda font...probably is based on a specific mention in a manuscript.

    `Vnou] is always V] lines. 
  • @minatasgeel ¦ is used also in a couple of other fonts. I like it's design, wish it was in unicode
  • I think it is used in Greek time and also its connection with Epact Numbers
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