Eastern orthodox

it is allowed to take communion or confess in the eastern orthodox church as a oriental orthodox?


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    But some exceptions can be made for certain reasons with a bishop's permission. 
  • this is an 'ask your spiritual father' question.

    when i was traveling and wanted to take Holy Communion with EO, I spoke to one of the priests (who lived with the bishop) to see when I could ask the bishop to request permission.

    he said i did not need to ask the bishop, but to ask the other priest, who was my confession father at the time.

    he said yes, and the priest in the other country agreed, so i did it.

    but you are generally not allowed to do it at the EO church that is a few miles away from your OO church (except if you like in syria).

    i hope and pray we will soon, though, as it would be wonderful to have full fellowship.

    having said that, Holy Communion in my own church would be wonderful too!

    (2 1/2 months and counting since I last went to church! cycled past it again today, at least had a nice chat with an engineer who was fixing the telecommunications on the street next to the church...)

  • sorry, that should say 'live' in syria!

    too much cycling makes my fingers type strangely!

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