Praying the Hours

Hi All, 

A few questions concerning the Hours of the Agpeya:

1. I know that the first hour is prayed upon waking up, and the third hour is prayed at around 9am. But what if one were to wake up after 9, would they then pray the first hour or the third? Similarly, would one pray the twelfth hour if they are awake after midnight, or would they go for midnight prayers?

2. There is a prayer titled '[Prayer] From the Psalmody'. Under what circumstances would one recite this prayer? 

3. Why do some hours have twelve psalms, and others have more?

Apologies if these questions seem unnecessarily specific or even superficial/pharisaic, just genuinely curious. 

God bless!


  • hehe, u r supposed to wake up early!


    of course, if you are working 12 noon to 9pm shifts, you won't wake early, so then you can move all the hours forward.

    but generally if you sleep around 9 or 10pm and wake early, you acheive much more.

    if you sleep late, then usually those extra 2 hours staying awake in the evening are spent on chatting, tv, etc, not on growing vegetables, cleaning the house or praying.

    that is why some monasteries have a day running from 4am to 8pm. however, i could never live in a monastery as 8 hrs' sleep is usually not enough for me! i would have to go to bed at 7...

    this also reminds me of true story told by my favourite priest (Godfather) in Bible study during great lent:

    there was a man who called him with joy, saying; 'abouna, today i fasted till 2pm, i am doing well!'. so abouna asked him 'what time did you wake up?'

    they guy replied '1pm!'

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