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  • @ophadece, a quick note: you are comparing the coronavirus to HIV and hepatitis. That is not a valid comparison and you should know that as a physician. Coronavirus is spread by droplets and is airborne. That means if I cough next to you, you can catch it. Hepatitis B and C as well as HIV are spread through blood and sexual contact. You will never catch HIV nor hep. B & C through cough or sitting in the same room as an infected person. Unless you have had psychiatric patients bite you, no your risk of transmission of HIV is impossible. Hepatitis A is certainly spread orally but it is a benign disease. Hepatitis is endemic in Egypt because of vertical transmission of infected mothers and newborns through blood exchanges during childbirth. That is not in the same thing at all as the coronavirus.

    I thank the Church for following the scientific data and taking the correct decision to restrict services. Thousands of lives have been saved through this wisdom. Stay safe everyone. The battle is just beginning.
  • Dear @ShareTheLord,
    Of course God was susceptible to illness, He was fully human. However He did not promise to protect us from disease or illness, but He promised us to be protected in His presence, inside His house.
    Dear @pharoh123,
    You may be surprised to hear that some studies have said HIV can be transmitted through the same media as flu. Also I'd like to ask, what is science? The one that tells us that we have descended from apes? Or that homosexuality is a natural predisposition? Or that Christ didn't die on the Cross? God is above science and if mere science takes me away from Him then I think you know what my answer is. Lastly you say that thousands of lives have been saved through wisdom, and you of course know what St Paul says about the wisdom of this world! Indeed if you follow the news you would find that the death rate is increasing whilst the lockdown has been enforced for a while.. Wisdom? I think not..
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    Then I don’t get your logic :)
    If He Himself, who is the true temple of God. He who is the Body of God - In human flesh can be ill. How is the church more powerful?
    I think I may just be incapable of following your logic but I can tell you’re genuinely trying to express a life of faith. Though at the current time, I’m not convinced it is a proper expression of faith. For this is what I believe the Pope meant when he released his letter and said that it says You shall not tempt the Lord your God. But who am I to deny or judge your faith, maybe it is so great that it can be that bold before God. May God bless and protect all.
  • @ophadece

    I am not going to start a science vs religion discussion with you but I cannot let this go. I never thought in my medical career I’d be arguing about that HIV is not airborne, much less with a physician. HIV is spread through sex and blood. It is not airborne. If you do not trust any science, that is your own matter but do not state you are a physician and then contradict well established medical science on a public forum. You cannot catch HIV from an airborne contact. Absolutely not. This is like saying something which is red is blue then telling me who really knows- our eyes always make mistakes!

    I would advise to not seek answers to religious mysteries through science which is a study of the natural order rather than an explanation for it and vice cersa. Should we reject any science that is not founded on Bible passages? Our Church has always been very accepting of science and many of our church leaders were once great physicians, pharmacists and engineers who were well respected in their respective scientific field.
  • Dear @ShareTheLord,
    Thank you very much for your words and your respectful thoughts for me. Please pray for me that God give me faith - I am a vain bigot who doesn't have any faith but likes to blag..
    Dear @pharoh123,
    Fair enough.. Thanks for your comments and please keep me and my family in your prayers..
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