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Good day everyone! A Blessed Great Lent to one and all!

It has been a while since I have posted on this forum, but I remembered I could always find answers to my questions here.

I would like to give our COC a good cleaning. Does anyone know the best product to use to clean the Icons? Is anyone experienced in cleaning the COC?
Thank You


  • Hi,

    So, if the icons are consecrated, you can't really "clean" them with anything liquid. The most you can do is probably use dry paper towel. 
  • No Mina,

    Please seek professional advice. There is a specific product to use. Do not use dry paper , or wet paper. 

    I will ask someone professional and get back to you.
  • It's not just about the icons, but it's also about the fact that they are consecrated.
  • That has nothing to do with it. To clean icons - you need professional advice. 
    It is irresponsible to just suggest things you have no knowledge of. 
    Icon restauration is very complex. Please allow me time whilst I get professional advice.
  • Calm down mr. zoxa, our (professional) Iconographers tell us and lead us in cleaning icons with dry paper towels or cloths.
  • Thanks so much. Simple and Easy. 
  • Well dearie, 

    Allow me to ask the professional iconographers I know to be sure.

    These are holy, consecrated items and it bothers me the careless attitude that some people have.



    Give me time to investigate and I will come back to you
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    Who said I haven't asked iconographers?!

    Due to the fact that most icons are written with egg tempera, the most you can do is dust or use something dry to clean.
  • Is zoxsasi into iconography lol?
  • do not use anything until I ask a professional. 

    I thought Mina was about to say ... 'due to the fact that most icons are written with egg tempera, the most you can  do is make an omelette' .

  • habibi...can you be any more condescending?!

    What makes you think you are the only one that can get to a professional?!
  • because you are asking Iconographers!!! I'm asking icon restoration experts. All they do is restore icons. That's their job. They don't even create icons. 
    I think asking the right person in the beginning would help.
    Then it bothers me people giving professional advice that could potentially damage icons. You are not qualified to do so. 

    Please give me time to ask restoration experts.
  • @purity2: please ignore Mina's absolutely irresponsible advice. If you go to any museum, just ask any restoration expert there. We have many here where I live. But they will most likely give you the best advice. 

    Explain to them that it is an icon. 
  • OK. I have some professional advice from a restoration expert:

    * She says:

    * DO NOT USE A DRY CLOTH. Apparently, not only you have egg, but there's also, most likely a film of gold (believe it or not) on most icons. I find that hard to believe, but if it is a real icon, they would have used gold film, which means that any rubbing would cause damage to the gold. This is IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE!!!!

    * How do you clean it? It is simple: what varnish was used? There's no other way other than to send this to a professional restoration. Otherwise, we'd have to know the exact varnish used on the icon. 

    The cleaning process all depends on what the iconographer used as a varnish. Which kind did that iconographer use?? 

    Everything depends on the varnish.
  • Ok. Thank you for your diligence Zoxsasi!

    I had found out that the Abouna who furnished the Church suggested using a little furniture oil to wipe down Icons.

    As to the gold layered Icons...they are high up and no one has attempted to clean them as yet. I do not know what varnish was used on them, but I can say they are authentic.
    I will try to get a message to the Abouna who furnished the Church to find out his suggestion for their maintanence.

    Thank you again!

    In Christ
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