Leaving The Church?

I’m a convert to the church. My fiancé is in the process of converting. Coptic Church wedding is in July 2020.

However, we must get married in a court (outside of the church) immediately - like in the next month.

My health is rapidly deteriorating. She has medical insurance. I do not. If we get married immediately, I will be able to get her medical insurance and receive life savings treatment.

I am not sure I will be able to hold on until our July wedding ... let alone after the great fast.

If we get married in court - can we rejoin the church? If we get married in court, we do intend on getting married in the Church in July as well.

We desperately love each other. However, my medical condition has put things in severe jeopardy.


  • Hey Moses2020, 

    If you're American, you are usually, "legally" married a few months before your wedding through a County or State officer. I live in Pennsylvania, and me and my wife were married legally 4 months before we were married in the church. There are ways you may be legally married prior to any religious ceremony in the U.S. Also, the church should not have any issue with it since it is not in a religious sense. I would talk to your local government office and see your options, and also talk with your Abouna. I doubt he would have any issue with it, and may even move your wedding day to much sooner. I wish you the best of luck!

    Your Brother in Christ and a Fellow Convert.
  • So when it comes to marriage laws, in the USA, it kinda depends on the state. That being said, when you get married in a civil manner, you don't "leave the church." Civil laws do not govern the Church. Marriage in the Orthodox Christian understanding is much more than a civil union done in court of a clerk's office.

    In your case though, you need to go back to the priest that will be officiating the ceremony. The other thing that you have to consider though is this civil marriage would be that you will be allowed to live together or have marital relations. That will only be allowed when you are united by God
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