Mariage in barcelona

Hello everyone, my name is Nagy and I am a copt based in montreal, Canada. I wish to get married in/around barcelona June 2021. I was wondering if anyone could help with the steps I need to take to make this happen. Does the wedding have to be in a Coptic Orthodox Church? Thanks in advance.


  • Yes, the wedding has to be in a Coptic Orthodox Church. That being said, there might be one there or you probably can have a priest, if he is willing, to setup an altar in wherever you'll have the wedding and that makes the area a Coptic Church. 

    Knowing wedding planning well, I would work on that asap and first. 
  • I know this church very well. It is stunning.. well.. Abouna prays in 3 cities, all of which are near each other, the 3rd being in Barcelona. 

    Barcelona is nice, but the Coptic Church has this chapel in a town called Lerida. I kid you not, it is paradise, and ideal for weddings. It is a small church, but it is on a mountain, and you can see all of the country, town, hills. After the mass, the congregation have this small drink outside talking quietly. It is just lovely. 

    To get married, you'd need to find an Orthodox bride. Have you found one? That's the main thing. 
    Then once you found someone who could agree to marry you, check with her family 1st that its OK and to see whether or not she will go with you to Spain.

    If she's already in Spain, then that's just perfect... try and find out her name and make sure she understands that you are coming over indeed to get married to her. 

    If she understands that you are indeed coming over to marry her, and her parents are aware, then call the local priest over there. He is absolutely marvellous. Check with him where / when he will pray in Barcelona. I hear it is also a nice church.. but it is best to see photos 1st. 

    Is there any particular reason you want to marry in Barcelona? I hear there are some amazing churches in Montreal. You have a mega huge congregation there. I hear they absolutely lovely people.
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