Hello,I came from Roman Catholicism and I have been interested in Oriental Orthodoxy. I have talked with an Eastern Orthodox friend of mine who said that Oriental Orthodox is different from them. I also was told that Oriental Orthodox is a form of Monophysite. I'm sorry,I do not mean to offend anyone. I'm just curious about the Oriental Orthodox Church


  • Hey Thomas,

    I came from Roman Catholicism as well. You'll find all your answers on this forum. I'm confident there are many others on here who will explain to you how your Eastern Orthodox friend in incorrect. Frankly, I've grown tired of the arguments from our Eastern Orthodox brethren, appearing to only use sources from their own point of view, who are incorrect about Oriental Orthodoxy as a whole. There are obviously going to be differences, but I always suggest to anyone interested to look at both sides of the argument. Best of luck to you, and as someone who went through the same process, God Bless.
  • Thank you brother. Yes I would like to see from both sides of the argument since just looking from Eastern Orthodox viewpoint it seems a bit biased
  • hi thomasthebrother! it is grest to 'see' you here. are you a monastic brother? or a Christian brother in faith?

    firstly, we are very similar to EO, in fact in 1990, the patriarchs all agreed we share the same faith. there are some old calendarist greek orthodox monks who disagree, but i pray that God will enlighten them.

    secondly, we are very similar to the early catholics, as catholics used to fast a lot and read a lot of the early church fathers just like us (and many still do).
    we are not similar to some of the modern catholics who created a 'lite' version of Christianity with minimal Bible reading and flexibility about the main Christian beliefs such as our Lord's virgin birth and divinity.
    interestingly, on my way into the orthodox church (from being protestant), i had a disagreement with a catholic priest. i told him; 'i believe 95% of what you do, but you congregation believes only 90%, so you should accept me in your church!'
    he wisely explained that i could not join all 3 types of church at the same time (as i wished!) but should choose 1. i became orthodox 11 years ago.

    here are some answers to your questions:
    part 1
    part 2
    and more here:
    even more here:

    this should be enough to keep you busy until the fast of lent!
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