Coptic Unicode Input for Mac OS - (the Epsilon Character)

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In this article titled Coptic Unicode , I cannot find which key or key combination is used to enter an epsilon!  
The keyboard images that show the Coptic character are here..(zip file)

Please reply if you know how.  Thanks.


  • the key next to the iota, the "U", is the epsilon. This keyboard and font take the ancient shape of coptic letter, more like uncial than the fonts we use in coptic liturgical books. 
  • ⲩ - is this it?
  • Also, is this the Khai (ϧ)?
  • Hi,

    I tried the Coptic unicode on Mac Os and it doesn't work great.
    You can't use the space bar, nor the "command" key to do a select all or copy/paste.

    Is this issue known?

    Also the "kha" is different:
    - ϧ
    - Coptic unicode: ϧ

    Do you know why it's different?
  • it's just a different font. that's how unicode is supposed to work. 
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