Intricasies of God's Work

The Pythagorean Theorem, simply states that in a right triangle, the sum of the square of the hypotenuse (or the longest side), equals the sum of the squares of the legs (the other smaller sides). 

This is a theorem taught pretty early in school, but it reveals a very pressing fact. the laws of geometry and spacial applications in the real world are governed by precise mathematical and logical engineering, AKA God. 


  • Yes, the pythagorean theorem and everything in nature reveals the perfect system which God has created because He is Perfect. As we are discovering more and more of the wonders God has created, which is supposed to help us appreciate and be closer to God, other people are interpreting it as an independent system which could have been there independently through many theories like the big bang and evolution, while those discoveries are supposed to direct us to special creation and intelligent design - that God is the Creator. 
  • From @BG88 other topic:

    "In the year 1665, Scientist Robert Hooke discovered cells by placing a small sliver of cork through a microscope, he found many small individual spots. later he coined these "spots", the name which we give them today, cells. 

    As science progresses, we begin to see the intricacies of God's work, we begin to see what the normal human eye cannot see. science and knowledge of God have a direct positive correlation, that is, as science is learned, God is discovered. "
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