Saints Warfare

This may be a silly question but Im wondering did Pope Kyrillos experience blasphemous thoughts as warfare are there any coptic saints who did


  • My friend told me a story about a monk whom Satan came up to claiming to be Gabriel (similar to Muhammad’s case)

    The monk said that you must be mistaken for I am unworthy of God’s love and the “angel” disappeared
  • @emmadas
    Almost all of the Coptic saints did but they knew how to dismiss it in the right time. When Satan became tired of them he tried entering to them through thoughts but the saints always said (especially monks) that our thoughts are basically like ropes, if you give them to satan he will never leave them alone (or something along those lines forgive me I can not remember the exact saying). In the beginning of their path they were faced with all these tribulations but as they grew in God's love, they were given strength from God (and through practice of course) to overcome thoughts, which is the most dangerous warfare that satan uses against God's children. 
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