Biblical Canon

I realize there are alot of biblical canons in our church for example the Ethiopian Church has multiple apocryphal books included in their canon while the Coptic church has more similar canon to that of the Eastern Orthodox church. What is the united standard of the Oriental Orthodox church concerning biblical canon. Please provide references. Thanks.


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    St. Athanasius' paschal letter of 367 ad had a big effect on setting the current canon:

    It's clear that the NT is the same as we have now, but the OT may be different. Atleast from what i see in the letter, Maccabees with it's 4 books is not mentioned, the continuation of Daniel is probably part of it while Esther was all together considered to be second canon and not just it's continueation.   
  • @minatasgeel Thanks, so there isn't any official stance by the Oriental Orthodox Church?
  • Yes It is simolar to other
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