what the jews admit about Yahweh

the kabbalists have various forms of yawheh each representign something different occult wise

1.a tulpa maintained by the tsadokim

2.a astral tulpa created and maintained by the 72 names.reversing them will destroy yahweh.

3.the Teli.Seraphim.occult adepts in the merkavah say they are reptilians with golden scaled bodies.

4.the jewish soul

the greatest enemy of the jews in occult texts,is lilith.but who is she?lilith is lalita or kali.lalita is the saguna from of nirguna brahman kali.lilith said to elijah''these are muy names..lilith ..kali...''per kabbalistic works.lilth is the GENTILE SPIRIT/SOUL

lilith rules the sri yantra and owns the shumna chakra,she is also kundalini per the sahasranama,rising the kundalini to the shumna cakra will result in immortality and omniscience.

the husband of lilith is Samael.in babylon/sumeria he is En-ki.lord of the serpent.this is lord Siva of the hindus.the husband of kali(mahAkAla)/lalita(Isvara).Siva has a serpent necklace wich represents kundalini,he also has a Trident.the zoroastrians wich were created by persian jews,said he was Ahri-man or Satan,Ahri-man means the Aryan man since Shiva has White skin,eyes as big as lotus petals per the tantra and  Yellow hair.Zoroastrians being jews,turned the Devas of the persian Vedic hindus into DEMONS and threatned eternal hellfire for following them,.they turend to the worship of Asuras.

the Yezidis wich are descendant of both sumeriana and pre-magi persians still worship Shiva in his peacock form,as the upnaishads say he has,and Yezidi comes from the word Ya-siddha wich is the name for shaiva dharma in india.they worship the shiva lingam and call it a-shivam.they also call him awais.
see the connection?

so The jews literally have you guys hating your own soul-wich the kabbalists say is eternally wicked and satanic-and coming from three satanic ''lower''spheres or energy.

it is proven that Mother godess lilith worshiop is the oldest religon.theres also proof of the Shiva lingam all around the old world.the kaaba was a shiva temple and the black stone is a linga.the muslims worship it to recompense their anti-dharma activities and Devilish faith.

The Jews have you guys fooled.


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    lilith is the life energy.shiva is the awareness that arises from it.lilith is black or yin wich represents intuition and formlessness,shiva is white wich represents form and conscious experience(white creates all colors and forms).

    the jew rabbis are telling symbolic stories to their occult adepts here.they are saying they hate your soul,the gentile soul.their religion is about destroying paganism globally and removing occult knowkledge and usehring in a  jewish dictatorship where the noahide laws are implemented.the highest rabbi in kabalah,rabbi latiman says the jews came here on a mission from another planet to take this one over.he says this on youtube

    the penalty for sorcery or necromancy is death,.but the jews do it for themselves.they want all the knowledge for them only.kabbalah is nothing but jewish sorcery and deeply occult.
  • Hello friend,

    We don't have a lot in common with Jewish kabbalah. We don't borrow from their mysticism or their understanding of the soul.

    I hope that helps.
  • I am sorry but sir, don’t you have anything better to do than going on a Christian forum and attempting to convert people to Hinduism? All while bashing our faith?
  • The Coptic Church and the Coptic Faith are more than welcome to questions and requests for clarification- no one would dare say that understanding Christianity in its entirety is easy!
    However, what confuses me and @Marwan is that you come not to question or to ask for understanding, but instead to criticize and almost it seems confuse.
    If you want answers as to why we believe Christianity versus Hinduism, any one of us has many answers. But just preaching as to why we’re wrong with no context has 3 downsides:
    1- We all have no idea what you’re talking about
    2- You seem rude, incoherent, and disjointed. And as a result-
    3- We ignore you.
    Again, if you have any questions regarding our faith, ask away, but do not bash us for no reason.
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