Hinduism is more monotheist than trinitarian christianity or even unitarian

people that arent hindus have very little understanding of hindu
Darshans.hinduism is complete Tawheed,beyond even hanbaliyah islam.

Shakta dharma-Devi(Godess)is the only existant thing.Chatainya (pure luminous consciousness)creates Ananda(Bliss)wich results in Lila(divine play)wich is creation.blissful self-awareness as the essential character of such pure
consciousness, with the result that it is aware of itself and its divine
potency. Such awareness of the absolute Self, with regard to its
character of divine essence, takes the form of an outward vibration of
the inward blissfulness and such vibratory nature of the absolute
reality, called Spanda, makes the absolute pure consciousness ever
active towards outward projection of its divine powers, resulting in the
manifestation of divine activities of phenomenal creation,
preservation, absorption etc., happening in the manner of reflections.
The phenomenal existence is, thus, due to the outward reflection of the
divine powers of the pure and monistic absolute consciousness, which,
being playful on account of its nature of blissfulness, plays the divine
sport of diverse manifestations due to absolute freedom wich isa  intrinsic part of this divine conscious I-Ness.so all beings,the birds,grass,you,the sinner,the saint,the demons,the angels(devas)are all this one Godess.this is not substance monism ,this is absolute mojism of the
person !this is MORE monotheist than any other doctrine

Shaivism-Shaivism Believes the same in its Trika forms.even dualistic shaivism like Shaiva sidhanta still believe god is one person only,not mutiple ones united by svabhava(substance or beingness)alone like christian Darshana.

Vaisnavism-they believe dualistic things but still believe the supreme being in one hypostasis alone.

in all hinduisms the 33 Devas are just Created angels or God in different forms for different rulership of various acts of creation,destruction etc


idol worship is no different from the Byzantine pov that the energies of its holy men are in the image upon proper consecrating.rituals dont make a religion idolatry,it is philosphical Viewpoint.and all hindu faiths are MORE monotheistic than christianity.


  • Hi there friend,

    Thats amazing.

    We don't consider monotheism to be one of God's necessary qualities so it doesn't phases us whether one is more or less monotheistic.

    Hope that answers your question.
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