Tantriks vs Saints

I am a former Evangelical.When I was christian I only believed in christianity due to NDEs and miracles.but I found out that Tantrikas,buddhist acharyas(mahasiddhas like padmasambhava)etc did all the miracles of christ.buddhists have ndes that last days.hindus have visitations to Vaikuntha.

Magicians can turn water into wine.My Shaivite buddy says that the saint sof the roman church got their powers thru practicing occult sorcery that was stolen from pagans.he also says that the visions of saints like at fatima are roman created thoughtforms.

what Im really trying tom convey,is that Christians should not use miracles or NDEs as proof of their faith,because there are alternative Occult alternatives to this being a vision from God.this shaiva friend claims that buddhism ,islam and christianity both were created by ETs to destroy pagan sciences of immortlaity thru the light body.

Aghoris can do thigns that jesus hasnt even done,for example transfering their souls to the bodies of a person on the pyre,and then ressurecting.this is when their old and want a fresh body.Tibetan magicians do that too,even doing it to living people!the Naga sadhus wich are related to aghori have pwoers that no weapon  can pierce them in battle,thats how they destroyed many jihadi armies.

what Im saying,is that Coptic Saints are not proof of the truth of the faith.you must prove that thru rationality and scripture,if those things cannot be proven thru a open debate then the faith falls.Yet every Orthodox christian I know is arrogant to admit that other religions have these exact mystical experiences.the only Xtian explanationseems these are wroks of Satan,but these religions believe that Judaism  is the work of their Satan(Mlecchas is what they term abrahamics,I.e Asuric enemies of their religion in kaali yugA )and all the resulting visions,appearances and  wonders.

I wish that Christians would allow censor free discussion of this topic.because other adherents of different faiths dont use this as proof of their faith.whereas with them you can actually witness it for yourself(Nithyanandas students on youtube show these siddhi  powers on camera).



  • I  also think this is why chrsitians historically killed sorcerers and so forth because if people new how easy it is to get powers and how easy it is to create Thoughtforms /Tulpa the faith in their saints would become meager.
  • Hello,
    You came on the forum discussing very specific topics randomly! Who are you? What faith are you from? What is the objective of your words?

    I tried reading all the threads you posted today, even though I had difficulties.
    From what I understood, you come off with a negative vibe...
    Regarding the other threads, it’s too late to open up Theological discussions, as I know that my Theology will save me, that’s all I need to know.
    Now, this thread speaks of something unusual...
    “what I’m saying,is that Coptic Saints are not proof of the true of the faith.”
    I also read from what you wrote, something along the lines of that you believe saints get their powers from “sorcerers?”...

    Your understanding is incorrect.
    When I walk into the church, I see the icon of Saint Mark the Apostle. When I see it, I quickly sign myself with the sign of Victory, that is the Holy Cross, glorifying God who manifests Himself through His Saints.
    What does bringing up God have to do with St Mark, unless God is the reson we live and venerate St Mark.
    God does not say “on Sundays worship Me and on the other days choose from Apostles-Martyrs”, No, that is not right.
    Saints ARE proof of the Faith...in other words, I’ll explain to you...
    What does the word “Martyr” mean?
    The word Martyr (μάρτυς) means Witness.
    Martyrs are witnesses to Christ. In many Synaxarion accounts, we read the following;
    “and because of the steadfastness of His faith, many believed and were martyred”.
    St Paul the Syrian, confessing His faith in the Lord Christ, while being tortured drew more than 5000 to the true Faith. Saints are our predecessors that bring us closer to Christ.
    You do not NEED to study to pass a test, it would help, but you do not NEED to do it.
    The Bible says in Hebrews 13:7, (Remember those who rule over you, who have spoken the word of God to you, whose faith follow, considering the outcome of their conduct.)
    The words, “their conduct” speaks of the saints and martyrs “who have spoken the word of God to you”... This shows that “Coptic Saints ARE proof of the true faith”.
    If you were to ask me who my Patron Saint is, you would not receive a definite answer due to my awe and shock at all the saints of our beautiful Coptic Orthodox Church.
    Saint Mary, the Theotokos, is the Mother of God, and the mother of us all. As we say in the Holy Agpeya (Book of hours): “We Praise You for through the Cross of YOUR SON hades fell down and death was abolished”
    We do not praise Saint Mary, we Praise Her Son, by Honouring His Holy Mother. Similarity, we glorify God through His saints.
    Elders, when they want to compliment someone of good behaviour and respectful conduct, the tell him “You come from a good house” or “Your parents raised you well”. Why bring up his parents to compliment him? Yes, because they love him so much, that they bring up people who are of great value to him.
    When I want something from you, I will get your sibling to ask on my behalf since they are much closer to you than I am. Likewise, when we implore Christ to forgive us our sins, we ask Him this through the Intercessions of His Saints.
    My Patron Saints are: St Mary, St Menas & Pope Kyrillos VI, St Moses the Black and SAINT ATHANASIUS THE APOSTOLIC. Because of the last One, I have learned to zealously speak boldly whenever I hear anything “fishy” concerning Christ and His Church.

    May God Bless you, and keep us all in His way through the intercessions of St Mary, His Mother, St Athanasius the Apostolic and through the prayers of all the Saints who have pleased Him.
  • Hi.Im a  Shaivite.

    I understand the concept of intercession.Im talking actually about the idea that people like Tamav Irene prove the validity of the faith,sure she did miracles etc but people of other faiths do ther exact same thing even more(like raising the dead).

    Namaste  and Pranam
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