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Hi All, 

I was just wondering I was watching a korean game show and one of the hosts had a shirt with St Mary picture not in religious sense but in a fashion sense. Also, in another TV show someone made a sign of the cross in joking way, but I suspect that the host didnt mean to blaspheme. Will it be a sin if I continue watching that show or should I stop.


  • no 'right' or 'wrong' here, as even priests make fun of themselves sometimes. but ask yourself 'how much time do i spend reading the Bible and stories of the saints and praying, and how much time do i spend watching tv and reading stuff on the Internet? '
    next question is 'what values am i trying to learn and how will this help my spiritual life?'
  • I mean I believe that things done out of ignorance can’t be held against them but theirs no question that doing the sign of the cross is taking the lords name in vain. I would say that it’s probably best to email producers (if possible) to kindly explain how this is sacrilegious/offensive to Christian audiences

    - pray for me
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