Services in English?

I am interested in attending the Orthodox Coptic Church, but do they only speak Arabic?


  • No they don’t!
    There are many English speaking Coptic Churches, some churches even have full English services!
  • Thank you, Jojo. 
  • Short answer is, depends on where you are. But you are welcome at anytime when you schedule with someone at a specific church.
  • what country are u in?
    then we can answer more accurately.
    in the uk, there is always at least part in english and translation in books or on the screen for the other parts.
    please visit us soon, u will find the hidden gem if u search diligently.
    i did and i thank God for it :)
    (native english speaker, former protestant)
  • There are lots of churches in my area that use varying degrees of each of the 3 liturgical languages in the Coptic Church- English, Arabic, and Coptic. It depends on the congregation and the priest!
    If you have the privilege of choice, try and find a balance that works for you!
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