After the words “Your Throne O Lord, endures forever and ever”, what happens after that?

I’ve seen churches conclude there. I’ve seen other churches continue with other words from the psalm, etc.

It’s the same issue with “Avchnon”, “His words were softer than oil”. Do we continue after that first Verse, or what?

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  • There isn't an issue. The way that it was always passed on is only the 1st estikhon of either psalms is said in the shami tune. The rest is said in the regular paschal tune. 
  • How so if the rest has so many words?
  • Like any other psalm, you choose 3 and say it. Or if you can connect 2 estikhons together, then go ahead. You kinda have the freedom to do that.
  • Or probably you would choose to sing seven separate stanzas on their own.. I won't be surprised if that was the norm before boredom found its way to fight the believers and the authorities making concessions to relax the rules..
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  • @ophadece...i wouldn't go that far. From looking at readings manuscripts of katameroses (multiple ones), the reader had a lot of freedom of what to read or chant during different times of the year. Sometimes they were given 2 psalms in each reading and they would chant which every they want. 
  • OK @minatasgeel let's leave it there.. I don't have enough to say about this now..
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    Sorry to reopen this discussion, but I see that there are other words or verses that precede the actual “Pekthronos Efnouty...”.
    I have never heard anything about these verses before Pekthronos, or after it.
    Can anyone help explain this to me?
  • Some of the psalms set for pascha hours throughout holy week are some times not just one with stikhons, but other may have 2 extra stikhons or 2 fully separate psalms with different number of stikhons. The chanter has the choice to which ones to say in the tune.

    With pek ethronos, specifically on the 12 hour of good Friday, there is another psalm before it that's to be said in the sad tune. I have never heard it being said, but everyone just says pekethronos in the shami tune.
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