Archangel Veneration

Hi guys,
What hymns would you chant in the Glorification service of an Archangel?
Like for a Martyr, Marenouonh, Khen oushot, Etc
But for an Archangel, what?

God Bless


  • For Michael, there are two hymns: Fa nitenh enhat and Ti-estoli emepnevmatikon that have tunes recorded.
    For Gabriel, there is a special hymn Pihishennofi that has no tune I can find.
    For Raphael, there is special hymn Genea Niven (same words as the doxology) that I cannot find a tune for.

    For all of these as well as the other 4 Archangels, you can follow a normal tamgeed with the following additions:
    -The hiten following Ekesmarouot
    -The Morning Doxology section for the Heavenly after Entho Ethmav
    -The verse in Rashi Ne (Rashi nak)
    -If the tamgeed is done during Vespers, the psalm trailer (Tawaf) Ps. 33:7 may be said (“The angel of the Lord encamps roundabout...”/Epangelos emepchois hikoti emepkoti...) following the chanted psalm
  • Would it be wrong to use a paralex tune (like Alithos ghar from apekran) to fit on the words of Genea-niven?
  • In a case where there is no tune recorded for a hymn, is it okay (permissible) to utilize another tune?
    If so, which tunes?
  • @Jojo_Hanna imo, if you dont know the tune you shouldn’t try to fit a tune onto it. The hymns are inspired by the Spirit so it is not our place to rakeb a new tune onto it.
  • It’s okay, turns out I got the correct tune for it.
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