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Hey everyone, I seem to have a few misconceptions that I’d like to clear...

1- is HG Anba Makarius Coptic or Eritrean?
(He is part of both Synods)
2-what exactly is happening with HH Abune Antonios? Is he the present pope? Is he good or bad or what?
3-what does Tawahedo mean?

God Bless!


  • i think u mean to ask about the eritrean church.
    that's like confusing canada with usa!
    tewahedo means something related to one, referring to the one true God, i think.
  • Sorry about that, but does anyone still know what’s going on??
  • 1. He's part of both Synods as he was ordained before they were granted autocephaly. 

    2. H.H. Abouna Antonios is still recognised as canonical Patriarch of Eritrea by all Oriental Orthodox Church's although He was removed and placed under house arrest by the current Eritrean government and was unjustly deposed as a heretic by the current Eritrean Synod without an ecclesiastical trial. Currently they do not recognise a Patriarch since the one they appointed Died in 2015.
    Basically the government is getting involved and influencing the current clergy inside Eritrea. Which is why most Eritreans outside Eritrea report to the local Coptic bishop. 

    3. Tewahedo is a Ge'ez word meaning "being made one" or "unified". 
    This word refers to the Oriental Orthodox belief in the one single unified nature of Christ.
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