Hello everyone, I live in Texas and am a convert from Anglicanism to (Greek) Orthodoxy.  I have been lurking around Tasbeha for a while reading some of your threads and have found it very insightful and helpful.  I have had some exposure to Coptic Orthodoxy through a friend who brought me to St. Moses Abbey (south of San Antonio) for a day.  Anyway, just wanted to say "hello."


  • hi basil, i am in uk, orthodox for 10 years, protestant about 30 years before that since very early childhood (yes, i am old!)
    u are very welcome here, we love the EO churches too :)
    my screen name 'mabsoota' means 'happy' in egyptian arabic - that is how i feel in church :)
  • Mabsoota,

    Love the name! Thank you for the warm welcome. The few times I've been in Coptic communities I've been overwhelmed by the hospitality and kindness.
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    "Is it me you're looking for?..."
  • How funny :D
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