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Hello all I was just wondering, I received a letter from a convent in the us about fundraising efforts. I am more than happy to donate but somehow it came to me in my parents office and I was wondering how they got that address?


  • Which Convent was it?
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    We have a sign-in book just as you walk into the Monastery. We've had people sign their home address from Egypt, Europe, Australia and Canada. More than likely, a member of your family signed in with that address. The nuns copy all of the addresses to Microsoft Excel, print them on labels and send them out. We do need help for our new church, a guest house, a medical facility for the nuns, a complex drainage system the township requires us to have, and a fence around the front of the property. -- The property itself is in a residential neighborhood-- We are not doing a festival this year because of the construction tearing up the ground. The festival usually brings in money. She (Mother Marina) probably sent out letters to international people because we don't have our annual donations from the festival this year. Any money is going to go directly to the Nuns and the church. We are formally established, as of the Synod last month, and now are under a Bishop. All funds will be allocated properly.
  • I'm not actually international I'm actually in St.Louis,MO. I visited the convent back in 2014 actually. I have no problem in donation at all
  • My bad. I somehow thought you were international, then when I read it back I couldn't edit it. That explains it, though. When you sign in they use it as a mailing address. I hope to see you soon then. Try to come back when the new church opens.
  • I would love too
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