SDA converting to Coptic Orthodox?

HI everyone!

I was raised Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) my whole life; as I got older I realized I didn't know that much about my own religion except that I go to church on Saturdays. So the past few years I started studying and realized how...different SDA teachings were. 

I was introduced to Coptic Orthodoxy a few years ago through a coworker and began going only on holidays like New Years and Christmas so I wouldn't upset my parents by "going to a Sunday church". After making more friends I began to go to divine liturgy on Sundays and, after falling in love with the indescribable experience, started studying the teachings of The Church.

I've had small studies and a few questions answered by my friend but I'm wondering how to learn more, become more involved with the church, and maybe in the future convert? 

A big stumbling block is my fear of disappointing my parents. They're already hesitant on letting me go on Sundays because in Adventism, worshiping on Sundays is the 'mark of the beast' and if you ask my dad its considered pagan worship. I try to go to the youth meetings on Friday but they say no it's Sabbath. I'm 23 but I still live with them so I don't want to be disrespectful and just go. But how do I continue to worship in the Coptic church and start pulling away from Adventism without hurting my parents? 


  • welcome, dear friend.
    sorry i can't write much now as will sleep soon (in uk it is late) and have an early start tomorrow.
    please come to the orthodox church a lot and feel free to keep asking questions.
    i was a protestant Christian for more than 30 yrs before i became orthodox 10 yrs ago, and, although i was older, t was still difficult to disappoint my family and friends.

    the love of God will bring you through this.
    study church history (you can do this online, ppl will think you are gaming or sharing photos, just let them think that) and see the enormous amount of evidence in historical writings that back up the orthodox church.
    ask God to guide you; He will help you personally.
    and, if you can, but an orthodox study Bible and read it at your place of work or study (during your break, don't get fired!) if you can't read it at home.

    may God bring you in to the church (it involves baptism and anointing with holy oil) and fill you with the depths of His love. 
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