Muslim looking into the Coptic Orthodox Religion

Hello fellow brothers and sisters,

I am a young Egyptian/Syrian Muslim female living in the US. I was born into a Muslim family, however my family and myself never really practiced it. So growing up, I did believe in God, the right and the wrong, but I didn't have much faith. 

I ended up losing my virginity and I felt disgusted and ashamed of myself. I cried many nights and prayed that God would forgive me. I told myself that if I had a stronger faith this wouldn't have happened. I started to read the Quran and just got confused. I saw a lot of very hypocritical verses, which I wont get into too much detail. And I also started thinking to myself how can Islam be a religion of peace if even our own prophet used violence and aggression to spread Islam. He also married numerous women and some even claimed he raped. He condoned everything I had believed Islam was not.I started reading into more things and just got confused even more

Anyway, one of my fellow Coptic friend, sent me a link to watch a video by Abouna Boulos George and I loved what he saying, using the Christian values and teachings. I felt at peace a little. I started reading the Bible and things make sense to me. 

But I am scared, I know I still have a long spiritual journey ahead, but I feel guilty for doubting my own religion and finding answers in a different one. I'm scared of how my family and friends would view me if I convert into the religion. And just thinking ahead into the future, I am worried that no one would wanna marry an ex-muslim who isn't a virgin.

Also, I am very confused about the idea of the Holy Trinity. None of my friends have been able to explain to me well. I understand that by saying Jesus is the Son of God, it is supposed to be a representation symbolically, but why is he still refered to as God & Son of God. I can't seem to grasp this. 

If someone could help, i would really appreciate it!

Thank you and bless you all


  • These are all good questions and they are all easily explained on orthodox websites.
    You should do ur research. Also, there are TONS of sermons about all these topics ....for English, I recommend u listen to Abouna anthony messeh.

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    Hi Halsawaf,

    I think you have decided on Christianity already, but are concerned about how a coptic man would/could accept you for not being a virgin.

    is that right?

    Well, even if you were Coptic Orthodox, when looking for a partner, one must find a good Christian partner. That has to be seen in a life of repentance. 

    I do believe Fr Peter Farrington explained this, but it is honestly common sense. Everyone has sinned. Any person looking for a good Christian husband or wife in the Church most likely has to know whether that person has a repentant heart or not and a life of repentance.

    These are the questions one must be asking.

    Secondly, your past is no one's business. All that should concern your future husband is that the Lord has absolved you, and you are a virgin in God's eyes. 

  • Hello atadros,

    Thank you for your response.

    I am doing research and will further continue to do so. I will explore the orthodox websites a bit more. And thank you for recommending Abounda Anthony Messeh. I will watch his sermons.

    Also, I am interested in reading other books, besides the Bible. What other books do you guys have and recommend? I am sorry if this is makes me seem ignorant. The Orthodox religion is made up of many components, in which I am not very familiar with yet. 

    Than you again
  • Hi Zoxasi,

    I wasn't really wondering if a man would accept me or not, it was primarily a concern I have. I really do appreciate your response, I understand now. 

    I have been repenting and asking for forgiveness and I am working on bettering myself as a person in all aspects, including spiritually. 

    As for accepting the religion of Christianity, I am not quite there yet, I still have many questions that are unanswered, but my heart is going in that direction.

    Bless you. 
  • Fr Michael Sorial makes great easy to understand videos!
  • I'm really impressed
  • Hello @halsawaf,
    I definitely recommend Pope Shenouda books and you may find whole books as answers to some questions you may have. This is a link for some of the books as PDFs, if you need more, let me know.
    God bless you.
  • a simple explanation of the trinity is the anthanasian argument stated during the nicea council.
    the sun is shone by its light and radiated by its heat. You cant have a sun without any of those. God is the same, the father is shone by the sun and radiated by the spirit.

  • Saint Athanasius once said at the council of Nicaea “The Father is the source of the Son, as the sun is of light. But one eternal attribute of the Father is that He begets the Son (also that the Holy Spirit proceeds from Him), just as there is no point having the sun without light or heat. That is, the Father has always existed, and He has always ‘shone’ with the light of Jesus and radiated the ‘heat’ of the Spirit.”
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