Is Jesus God?

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hay guys i was askin if u new the anwser 2 this i no that jesus is god but where is the proof in the bible can u give me virses frm the bible thank u



  • There's literally hundreds and hundreds of verses which prove the divinity of Christ. Where can I start? I'll give you 5 verses from differing categories which prove Jesus is God:

    Jesus is identified with God:

    John 1:1 - He is the Word who is God
    Phillipians 2:5-11 - He is in the form of God and assumed the form of man
    Hebrews 1:8 - Jesus is called God
    John 20:28 - St Thomas calls Jesus His Lord and His God.
    Collosians 2:9 - The fullness of Divinity dwells in Him

    Jesus is equated with the Father:

    John 10:30 - He is One with the Father
    Matthew 10:40 - He who receives Jesus receives the Father
    John 5:23 - He is honored in the same manner as the Father
    John 14:7-10 - He who sees Jesus sees the Father
    John 16:15 - Everything the Father owns is also owned by Jesus

    Jesus possesses the divine attributes:

    John 8:58 - Jesus is eternal
    John 1:3 - Jesus is the Creator
    Matthew 28:17 - Jesus is worshipped
    John 5:19 - Jesus has infinite power, for He can do everything that the Father does
    Luke 5:20 - Jesus forgives sins

    Jesus possesses divine names:

    John 6:35 - Jesus is the bread of life who satisfies our eternal hunger
    John 11:25 - Jesus is the Resurrection and the life - note that He IS these things.
    Revelations 22:13 - Jesus is the alpha and the omega
    John 3:16 - He is the only begotten Son of God
    2 Tim. 1:10 - Jesus is Saviour

    Jesus is understood by the Jews as claiming to be God:

    John 5:18 - When Jesus claimed that His works were the works of God - the Jews understood that Jesus claimed to be God.
    John 10:33 - When Jesus said that He and the Father are One - the Jews undersootd that Jesus claimed to be God.
    John 8:59 - When Jesus said that He was eternally existent before Abraham - the Jews picked up stones to stone Him, because they thought He commited blasphemy by claiming to be God.
    Mark 2:7 - When Jesus forgave the sins of the sick - the Jews understood that He was claiming to be God, since only God can forgive sins.
  • iqbal that was gr8!!!!! :o lol
  • you never cease to impress us iqbal...
  • And Thomas answered and said to Him, "My Lord and my God!" (John 20:28)

    to me this verse says it all...
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