''sexual love is good in it's proper time and place, with god in mind''

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hello brothers and sisters,

i have saw at a video in coptic orthodox answers that: ''sexual love is good in it's proper time and place, with god in mind'' what do they mean with god in mind? that you need to have god in mind during sex?


  • Essentially, that relations does not present itself in a selfish and lustful (sinful) manner.
  • what do you mean with that?

  • “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.”

    We have that which is permissible and that which is not. We have that which is lawful and helpful and that which is lawful but not helpful.

    Anything that is helpful purely selfishly, may be an indication that we are walking towards being under the power of that behaviour. Sexual relations should not be an extension of burning lust but out of love to each other. When St. Paul advises us to marry it is to prevent us to reach of point of burning out of lust not to a point to respond to our burning for lustful pleasure.

    Though I am not fully in agreement with St. Augustine on this one (but who am I?), he says that marriage is a remedy to lust - so marriage is not place to fulfill our lusts but to protect us from our lust:

    “Why do you acknowledge that there is a necessary remedy for lust yet contradict me when I say that lust is a disease? If you recognize the remedy, then recognize the disease as well.” AGAINST JULIAN 15.

    This is a gradual process. It is understood that no one does anything perfectly. We all fall short of complete perfection, but we aim for what is right and perfect that we may be graced with achieving the perfect image of God.
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