Prayer Request

Im sorry to message you my name is Emmanuel Yohannes im from the Eritrean Orthodox Church, I have suffering from tormenting spiritual problem/illness for a long time. I have constant blasphemous thoughts against the Holy Trinity and there is something not of God inside me troubling and confusing me trying to draw me from God. Also sometimes I dont feel like the presence of God with me I don't feel spiritual its like I know about God like knowing about somebody but the knowledge doesnt feel real like it used to. Due to this, feeling inside of me and emptiness the enemy uses this against me to give with unspeakable blasphemies and things you dont say to God as well as even finishing sentences in my mind. Sometimes I have these which tell me that I have said certain things when I havent in my mind to make it seeem as if I have blasphemed. These are constantly throughout the day, also I can sense what the thoughts want to say. These thoughts attack me constantly. I hope the Holy Spirit has not left me but that is my greatest worry.  Please pray for me at the holy altar , if you can please could you ask any monasteries to pray for me as well through the intercession of St Mary and St Athony and Pope Kyrillos St mina and all the saints

Im sorry if I have worried you

I hope to be healed of these obessive compusive blasphemous thoughts

God Bless


  • Lent is a beautiful period of transformation. Set yourself a plan in order to fight these thoughts with a spiritual guide. Acknowledge your lack of faith and have someone knowledgeable and faithful address them. There are answers to your thoughts. Seek, and you will find. 

    The Holy Spirit may diminish His presence in you but will not leave you until your last breath. Feed Him. Feed Him with spiritual food, with a spiritual fast (Isaiah 58), with spiritual guidance. Go and expose yourself. God willing you will do well.
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