Why did the British Orthodox Church schism?

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I'm aware that people really don't want to talk about it - I have no interest in publicly denouncing individuals for their sins - but what seemed like a really interesting and wonderful project (planting the seeds of a new liturgical tradition from the Alexandrian Rite for the British people) has unfortunately come to an end, and I'm still unsure what exactly happened or what to make of it.

From the limited data available (mainly forum posts), from what I could find, those in communion with the Coptic Church have claimed it was due to the behavior of the leadership in immoral sinfulness - perhaps adultery, sexual abuse, an illicit divorce, etc., that has been attempted to be "theologically justified" by the leadership.

However, based on the limited discussions from the BOC side, there seems to be a theological argument, that the Coptic Church has gotten too lenient on divorce and ecumenical behavior, or has unnecessarily forced Coptic culture on a Church founded on Coptic culture, etc. 

Because I don't have a clear timeline of events or what has happened, and I only have biased ambiguous statements, I'm curious as to why this happened.

I know it's not really my business, I just find it sad that it has come to an end like this, and I wonder what could cause something to get so sour so quickly, with many lambasting the organization as purely diabolical and Satanic that's being kept under wraps with not even an indicator of what could've happened.

Again, I don't want names of a person publicly, but I wish I had more information as to what exactly happened in terms of what kind of sin happened and why the schism must've happened. 
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