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hi,i just started going on Tasbeha today... but not just to learn about God but i need a little advice, ok i have a Friend who takes Advantage of me... for example: there is this person who "supposidly" likes her and she wants me to call him and ask if its true, so i ask her why doesn't she just do it and she said "becuz i don't want to get in trouble" and i said so you want me to get in trouble then she just started begging again... so i'm started to avoid her now and i don't know if thats the right thing to do..
what do you think?



  • sorry i acidentally locked it... but i really do need the advice..

  • hi A4C i think that you souldn't avoid her... Just tell that you think shes taking advantage of you... and try not to hang around her much if she really is taking advantage of you.... don't really avoid her... just don't really be her "sidekick" oh and if i were you i wouldn't call the person that she wants you to call. Just don't bother. :)
  • tel her the truth- tel her exactly how u feel, i know its hard but its the only way :D
  • i think u should tell her to tread carefully about this matter, make sure the correct christian approach is looks like one of those messy boy-girl-broken-relationships where everyone ends in tears. Id tell her to watch out before it develops...

    I know it sounds harsh but....

    Please Pray for me (and your friend)

  • it's obvious what you have to do!!

    1) Tell her not to call...she's only asking for a hard time
    2) If u think she's taking advantage of you, simply say 'no!'
    3) Try to direct ur friend into ur point of view...God will help her see what she's doing wrong

    That's all...and we're all here for u if u need any advice...

    Sinful Servant
  • funny, i'm going through this right now, and personnally, i am planning to talk to har about. I will sit her down and make her listen!!!! So should you... she should accomplish her own task. Have courage, you can do it ;)
  • thats the way :D
  • thats the way :D

    lol ;)
  • my only question is:why can't she do it her self?
  • no offense intented, but the inquirer already knows that. She's just asking for advice on how to approach the situation.

  • Ther is only one thing to do tell her the truth and thats all. if she cant accept it dont be her friend cause she cant accept you. if she can then she will start to stop. if she doesnt start to ask abouna about this kind of situation. i hope i helopld

    Jesus Loves me this i know for the bible tells me soo.... yes jesus loves me... ! thats my lil signature. lul every1
  • Hey All4Christ,

    Look, if she's taking advantage of you talk to her privately and tell her everything out in the open, tell her look liking someone I can't do everything for you tho I agree with you she kinda seems like she is taking advantage of you but look try to explain it calmly, and try your best and God will handle the rest!

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  • hey allforchrist...this is such a common problem...i think the best advice that i can give you is that you should just sit down with your friend and tell her everything that you're feeling...dont tell her anything but he truth...but remember to tell her nicely but when you tell her and make sure you show her that you're not going to back down from what you're about to say....anyways talk with her alone face-to-face and tell her everything and that she really shouldnt take advantage of you because thats not what friends do...hopefully this works out for you...this is the best advice i can give you and i really hope it works...and remember you're in my prayers allforchrist!
  • great advice..thanx! ;)
  • sorry, just wanted to add that by not telling her, your're playing a charade that all is well. the truth may hurt. But what we don't know probably hurts more. Tell your friend. If she truly is your friend then no doubt she'll understand
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