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Has any one had any miracles happen to them that they would like to share?



  • Yes I do. When I was 34 I became bedridden/seriously ill with Hep C contracted from a former lifestyle of intravenous drug use/illicit. I was near death & knew it but told God if I live I will help people & if I die so be it. There was no medication apart from trial medicine at the time I was ill & I refused it as the side effects were notoriously dire.. I read about a Christian preacherman in New Zealand called Bill Subritzky who prayed over small pieces of cloth and it delivered healing when people (believers in Christ) applied it to their bodies. And being from a fervent Irish Catholic background this was not abnormal to me - this belief. There was nothing to lose at this point so I wrote to him. The cloth arrived in the mail & I went and put it on my abdomen/liver region. NB A deep penetrating heat went into my body & I knew Holy Spirit was going to heal me - had actually healed me at that point. I told my mother and she got a strange look on her face - she was a fervent ultra devoted Catholic & had prayed her guts out for me. She told me she had a dream (we r Irish -  our dreams are real to many of us) where she cried out to God to let her daughter live and God showed her I would. 
    God showed her me drowning in water and suddenly I was spat out onto a riverbank lol tis true - its what me Mum told me. Two weeks later approximately (I had to do countless blood tests all the time) a doctor rang all excited & said the latest results showed the virus had cleared. To be perfectly frank I felt a bit ungrateful at times as death would have been easier but here I am chugging on with God & life I rarely talk about this but I know it was a total miracle. Sometimes I wonder why God bothered but u know... its the journey Life is precious u don't know it til u get the smell of death in your nostrils...Miracles r real but the real miracles ppl don't often share. It is too deep stuff... 
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