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  • OPHA, what added part?
  • @Jojo_Hanna
    We had had a debate here not so long ago when I argued that Daniel's name should not be added to the end of the third hos as we are reading out a passage from the Bible, so we are not supposed to add to or detract from the text. Then one of the highly regarded members here pointed out that psalm 150 finishes with "ⲙⲁⲣⲟⲩⲥⲙⲟⲩ ⲧⲏⲣⲟⲩ ⲉⲫⲣⲁⲛ ⲙ̀ⲡϭ̅ⲥ̅ and that is it so I did some research and found a book (as far as I can remember it was Fr Tadros Yakoob Malaty, but not 100% sure) who explained that before the individuals psalms' tunes were lost, Copts revered them by adding an intro, usually ⲇⲟⲝⲁⲥⲓ ⲟ Ⲑⲉⲟⲥ and end them by ⲇⲟⲝⲁ Ⲡⲁⲧⲣⲓ.. ϣ̅ⲃ̅ⲗ̅.. This is also the case with psalm 116 (117 according to the non-Coptic Bible).
    Ⲟⲩϫⲁⲓ ϧⲉⲛ Ⲡϭⲥ
  • What tunes? What book is this?
    But what is the actual stance about “ Daniel..” in Esmou Epchois ?
  • @Jojo_Hanna,
    Apparently each psalm in the book of psalms had a tune.. Those were lost.
    I can't remember the name of the book or the author. It was online and in Arabic and most probably revolved around ajbeya prayers.
    Actual stance - what do you mean? My actual stance? I thought I made it clear.
    Ⲟⲩϫⲁⲓ ϧⲉⲛ Ⲡϭⲥ
  • But “Zoxasi o Theos Emon” is said before the Gospel, in the Agpeya. Not before the Psalms.
    What do you mean when you mention psalm 116 etc. ? Also, in which service do we end psalms with “Zoxa Patri...” ?

    Is it incorrect to mention Prophet Daniel at the end of the 3rd Hoos?

    You previously mentioned something about the conclusion of Psalm 150; “Marou esmou teerou”, what was that about?
  • Hi @Jojo-Hanna,
    I thought I was clearer but it seems that I have confused you so much. doxaci o :eoc ymwn is sometimes used for psalms when they are sung in tune, like psalm 116 in the beginning of vespers praises, and big hoses used in different rituals and feasts. We end psalms with doxa Patri in psalm 150 in almost all services; as we also do with psalm 116 in the beginning of vespers praises, and the big hoses. 
    For me it is incorrect to mention Daniel at the end of the third hos, because his name is not mentioned in the passage that he wrote in the book of Daniel, where we took the third hos from. This is a new invention that doesn't make sense; we don't mention him in tenen, tenoueh `ncwk, or even ari'alin. 
    Maroucmou tyrou evran `mP[c (or `mPennou]) is the conclusion of psalm 150 according to the Bible, but we carry on with signing it for the reasons I mentioned above. 
    oujai qen P[c
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