Everyone my age is getting engaged in the Coptic Church and I feel left out. No man wants me?

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I don't understand. I don't think I am hideous, not speaking out of vanity. I am kind, I don't boast, I am polite, I am very sociable. Yet, no man has approached me. 

I am 23, and I have never been approached by a man in Church. I don't want to have to think that my only option is to go online and look for a man, but, I feel like that is the case, because apparently, no one expresses interest in me. I can't help but get jealous when a girl from my church flashes her new engagement ring, a girl who is even 2-3 years younger than me, when I should feel happy for her. But, I wish I was like them. I feel like people hate me at Church, like I'm this repulsive thing. 

I don't want to be single at 40. This is my biggest fear. 


  • Marina,

    You are a baby!! I started dating my wife at 20 and got married at 28!! You should enjoy this time, not stress on not having the pain in the butt a man can be. It took my wife years to work on me.

    I do have a single friend who is a Deacon and he's about seven years older than you. He's a lot of work, but if you're looking for a man he's single, and annoying depressed about it as you are.
  • Marina stay strong. ItalianCoptic - I am slightly confused, you are telling Marina she is still a baby but you started dating your wife when she was 20...I think Marina may be suffering with loneliness whereas you had a companion for 8 years albeit not married until 28.

    Marina, how involved are you in church youth activities? Try to engage in events and socialise.

    But in regards to girls younger than you flaunting their engagement rings - I think that is a sign of their immaturity and that they are not ready for a marriage commitment. Being in a relationship is not a sign of their goodness and being single is not a sign of bad character. People mature at different rates depending on their life circumstances. Do you have a career path set out? Are you happy with yourself? Think about ways in which you can improve whilst waiting for a partner and pray long and hard to God to help you find a good person that would reflect God's love for you and be a good Christian leader.

    I am acknowledging your struggle. But do not let the evil one convince you that you are not good enough or repulsive. It could be that you are too intimidating for some guys because of your success or intellect. There are so many possible reasons. Try to speak to an older mentor who knows you so that they can give you feedback if there is work that needs to be done to improve yourself. But do not give in to the thoughts that you are not good enough. And certainly do not give in to the first person who comes along (unless they are good) out of desperation or fear that you might end up alone.

    And look Marina, ItalianCoptic may have a new friend for you to meet :) don't be shy take that step.

    I wish you all the best
  • I meant she should not be frustrated because sometimes good things take time.
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    I do have a career path, etc. But, i mean some girls who are getting married are not even done with their undergraduate studies. I am convinced that it doesn't matter the education, it matters the appearance. I am well-educated with an honors to my degree, but I think men have become very shallow. I don't know. I've lost faith and trust. May God forgive me. 
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    i have hope but i still struggle with doubt know and then. 
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