Did Al-Mokattam really move?


It's me again. I have been conversing with a friend of mine for a while about whether the Al-Mokattam mountain ever moved or is it some folkloric stories that became revered?

Is it really Central to the identity of the Coptic Orthodox Church?

If it proved to be false, what are the ramifications for Simon the tanner being revered, churches after him and prayers to him? How infallible is the church tradition now?

I have searched online for a description for the mountain before the miracle but I couldn't find anything. I found its description in the writing of Qalaqashandi and Al-Maqrizi both died in 15th century and all they say is consistent with the current state of affairs and even when they allude to any event concerning Al-Mokattam, they're not inconsistent with the current position or properties as well. Even the date of the miracle that is said to be 979 is inconsistent with the fact that Al-Moezz died in 975.

Why is Egypt at all Muslim if they saw a 14 km^2 plateau move due to Christian prayers.


  • You guys are trying to apply historical records standards of current days or even contemporary historians outside the middle east, on a nation that was ruled by the sword for a couple of centuries. 

    I'll look into the matter and find some works concerning the miracle.   
  • Not to mention that this miracle happened in an era where Muslims were destroying any paper records of Christianity, anything with the Coptic language on it, etc.

    And the logic of "Why is Egypt at all Muslim if they saw a 14 km^2 plateau move due to Christian prayers" is not sound either considering the Son of God came, raised the dead, healed the sick and created an eyeball for a guy and they put Him on a Cross. "Why isn't the world all Christian if they saw Christ raise people from the dead, change water into wine and feed >5000 with 5 loaves and two fish?"
  • For those who read arabic: 
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