College Student living alone in China-Need Help Finding a Church or Someone with China Experience

So, as the title suggests, I am a current college student studying abroad in China for one year. I currently live alone in the Southwest of China. I am a few hours away from major cities like Shenzhen and Guangzhou. When looking online for churches in China, I did find a listing for one in Guangzhou here:

That said, the phone number does not work and there is no address listed. In addition, I am aware of a church in Hong Kong, but their phone number also does not work and I cannot cross over to Hong Kong because I only have a single entry visa.

I have looked for other orthodox churches, but even the Russian Orthodox Church information seems to be very sketchy. The city I'm living in does have a Catholic church, but I've never felt very comfortable in Catholic Church services even though I have heard some priests tell me it is not haram to take communion from a Catholic Church if you cannot find any Orthodox Church.

Currently, I speak English, Egyptian Arabic, and conversational Mandarin Chinese. At this point, I just want any sort of information or advice because, as I've said, I came to China completely alone, without any family and friends. It even got to the point where I tried getting my family back home to ask for me with little to no results.


  • there is a coptic church in japan, maybe they know. stay close to God, pray from agpeya, read the Bible and ask him to guide u. catholic churches in china are under a degree of state control, so may be different to normal catholic churches. God is everywhere (psalm 138, 139 in most english Bibles) and God the Son even went into hades (place of the dead) to preach to them. so He is with you if you don't run away from Him.
    i pray you find what u are looking for
  • Thank you for your responses. Through more digging, a series of Facebook messages, and God's help I was able to get into contact with the priest in Guangzhou and will be celebrating Christmas in a Coptic church.
  • yay! thank God! happy Christmas to everyone in china :)
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